Privately owned business, trading since 1986. Vehicle Repairs and Services in Woodley unit 6 headley park10 headley road east
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AWFUL service. Would not recommend.
by Mr L
This is an appalling garage - avoid at all costs - after 'fixing' my car it broke down again twice within a week, all the 'parts' they replaced had to be replaced again, they 'forgot' to refit parts of the engine (I found part of my engine in the boot after breakdown no 2), they charged a huge amount for very poor work and their staff have no customer services skills (or even basic manners). Avoid like the plague!
by Nathalie Wilson
I have just left this garage feeling totally conned! I recently had some very expensive work carried out including a new turbo and pipe. I was told to bring my car back before I reached 500 miles for an oil and water check. In returning the car I questioned if the cigarette lighter (used for charging sat nav), no longer worked due to the previous work. In picking up the car I was given a new invoice for the water and oil check even though I was under the impression the check-up was part of the warranty. A customer Service woman checked this with her manager. Unfortunately, I was able to hear this rude conversation about myself through the glass. I recommend the manger has some customer service training! I will never use this garage again and would advise other people not too.
by Annalee Jarventaus
hi do not trust this garage . and the the lady that is the manager she will rip you off they love the old people trust what I'm saying rip off garage get a other quote she will rip you off she makes the bill 3 times higher than it should be check out hers tyers price before she fits it try some one like kwit fit tyersor someone else DO NOT TRUST THIS GARAGE RIP OFF RIP OFF SOULD BE SHUT DOWN .COME ON ALL YOU LOCALS LETS HELP !