Privately owned business, trading since 1986. Vehicle Repairs and Services in Woodley unit 6 headley park10 headley road east
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AWFUL service. Would not recommend.
by Mr L
This is an appalling garage - avoid at all costs - after 'fixing' my car it broke down again twice within a week, all the 'parts' they replaced had to be replaced again, they 'forgot' to refit parts of the engine (I found part of my engine in the boot after breakdown no 2), they charged a huge amount for very poor work and their staff have no customer services skills (or even basic manners). Avoid like the plague!
by Nathalie Wilson
I have just left this garage feeling totally conned! I recently had some very expensive work carried out including a new turbo and pipe. I was told to bring my car back before I reached 500 miles for an oil and water check. In returning the car I questioned if the cigarette lighter (used for charging sat nav), no longer worked due to the previous work. In picking up the car I was given a new invoice for the water and oil check even though I was under the impression the check-up was part of the warranty. A customer Service woman checked this with her manager. Unfortunately, I was able to hear this rude conversation about myself through the glass. I recommend the manger has some customer service training! I will never use this garage again and would advise other people not too.
by Annalee Jarventaus
hi do not trust this garage . and the the lady that is the manager she will rip you off they love the old people trust what I'm saying rip off garage get a other quote she will rip you off she makes the bill 3 times higher than it should be check out hers tyers price before she fits it try some one like kwit fit tyersor someone else DO NOT TRUST THIS GARAGE RIP OFF RIP OFF SOULD BE SHUT DOWN .COME ON ALL YOU LOCALS LETS HELP !
Great Service *****
by Luke Macdonald
Excellent Service and Great Value
by Ben Knight
Was having a bad day and then car started playing up. Took it to this garage. They called me at work and said I could pick up at the end of the day. Better still they dropped it back off to my work. Job done
by J Macdonald
Great service. Picked up my car and delivered back washed and clean inside and out. Thank you. Really great, personal service.
by John Goodfellow
Booked through Black Circles for two new front tyres. Only read the mostly bad reviews afterwards so I arrived with some trepidation. However the job was completed with no issues and the owner was very courteous.
by Belinda Hopkins
Been going here for years. Friendly good service with a smile.
by M Mikaela
Great Service Collect and Deliver Free And Valet the car at no cost
by Sharon Tulley
The guys are so friendly here. They are honest and reliable, they are open on a weekend and give great advice on all things car.. Highly recommended
by H Andrews
Have used this garage a few times over the last year to carry out MOT on both vehicles (car & van). Friendly and efficient service at competitive prices. Would highly recommend.
As a HUGE skeptic of the automotive services industry (I always worry about being ripped off and work not done properly), I was very pleased with the customer service and pricing at this garage. I felt they explained everything that needed doing, they went out of their way to keep my costs reasonable and got the job done by when I needed it. Highly recommend this place, thanks.
They charged me for a service they did not provide. They failed the MOT for my car for reasons that were not valid to fail MOT. I feel robbed by Woodley Auto Centre. I am writing to tell all women who do not know anything about cars NOT to go to this garage because you will be taken advantage of.
by Maines Bwanali
AVOID this garage. If you like false promises then fine, but I have had 3 bad experiences. over past 8 months. They will definitely fail to call you back, fail to complete the job on time, make excuses and change their stories of what was the problem during the conversations. My last visit I was told my car was still in the workshop when it was still parked where I left it and it had not even been started, apparently they were awaiting parts from a order 3 days ago, but this is the standard excuse. I will strongly recommend avoiding this garage and going elsewhere.
by barry Moles
rip off. tell you lies. and you get bad mot testing. this place needs shutting down.
by jamie.
NEVER EVER TAKE YOUR CAR THERE. They charged a lot, didn't fix anything (boot central lock failure, water in boot cover, loose passenger compartment cover piece). When returning the car they tried to convince me that they fixed everything - while we checked together that they didn't. A week later I had everything fixed at half the price at another garage. While I was waiting, another guest came back after a tyre swap, whose wheel hubs (all 4!) were damaged.
by Mr B
avoid .warning cowboys at work 'after quoting me a price for a one day job on my transit van ,turned out four days later ,excuse after excuse .told me lies from day one ,overcharged parts which i questioned,then offered a refund ,they had too get an independant mechanic in to fix my van ,that sums these cowboys up, i would question if any of these so called mechanics are qualified,i lost three days work through their lies and incompetence, do yourself a favour ,read the reviews before you go near the place ,not everyone is wrong , big mistake on my behalf ,hopefully they will lose customers through these honest reviews, take your vehicle elsewhere ,peace of mind ,will also post this on woodley facebook so it reaches as many people as possible
by alex kerr
Deceiptful and incompetent! Needed two suspension arms and supplied the wrong part despite me asking them to double check when collected. Was told that was same as earlier model of my car which is not right. On calling them to flag this was told would be called back by the person dealing with it. I wasn't. Called following day and told same and again no call. So 80 miles and two trips to them later got refund but wasted half a day in doing so. Hopeless!
by John Pickering
after 4 days collected my van only to break down next day same problem ,quoted 330 charged me 660, absolute shambles ,got it done properly elsewhere, absolute cowboys
by alex kerr
i would stongly recomend looking elseware scammers and crooks phone around and check out the prices too
by james
avoid very expensive experence had my car repaired broke down again within 2 hrs and then had to book in again still wasnt fixed so got another garrage to get fixed properley
by dr sterling
Excellent service. Needed a faulty hazard light fixed and an MOT. They fitted me in quickly and offered a collect and deliver service. Arrived bang on the agreed time and completed the work quickly and well. I was happy with the cost as felt it was very reasonable. All staff I spoke to including the drivers were friendly and polite. Would definitely recommend this garage
by J Clarke