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Service and mot Excellent service.ideal location.kept up to date with additional work carried out.close to station so I could commute to london.thanks
by Carol anne
Good location,reasonable pricing,good service and friendly garage.
by John Rudd
Breakdown recovery Great help and good customer relation. Thanks for your help
by Jade Stilton
I probably made a good buy, overall, but I'd never go back to this garage again. Since I hadn't been able to get a mechanic to check the engine for me, I was given a ’24hr full money back guarantee’, scribbled on a scrap of paper. But I was unable to get the engine checked because the bonnet-popping lever was broken* and the cable had retracted into the engine space. (Admittedly, my own garage could have made more effort). When I rang, wanting to return it, I was told ‘no way, nope, not taking it back for a trivial problem’… (It wasn’t trivial to me, to buy a car without seeing its engine). Not only that, but he said ‘I’m not taking it back now after seeing the way you pulled away in it’, implying that my driving was so bad I could have trashed the clutch/engine within a day. It was the first time I’d driven an automatic in a decade so I can be forgiven for a jerky start. A stupid comment which betrayed his derisive attitude. *not disclosed until after I’d agreed to buy.
by Helen Roche