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The reason why my car didn't pass MOT was "to much play in both track rod ends". The only problem is, both track rod ends were new, replaced the same day in the morning (before MOT). !!!!! AVOID !!!!!
by Rf
Sold us an RX8 which we had to take back only a few hours after purchase. .. kept telling us we was stopping and starting the car wrong and that was why it wouldn't start when hot! Took it back 7-8 times within our 3 month warranty for the exact same fault to keep getting fobbed off ( we're not machines so believed there was nothing wrong ) later found out it was to do with the pistons within the engine had blown and would cost 2,500 to fix!! To date the car no longer works and we are still paying for it! !! AVOID!!! AVOID!!! AVOID!!!
by BD
by bob
Aload off rubbish. They cant diagnose a problem if it hit them in the face absolutely rubbish company how they have traded so long is beyond me.. Do not use this garage scrap cars and rubbish workmanship
by henry
by bob
Phoned up booked mot,turned up at time booked left car to get paper returned to see car on ramp then to be told not possible to do mot as the new ramp fitted could NOT RAISE the car (range rover) Wot a great new ramp they have (not) Total waste of time!!!!!!!!
by Range
by Richard B
Used for an MOT, great service, great price.
by LL
by Jean Deane
Suddenly realised that we needed to get an MOT ASAP. Managed to book it online for the following day - Sunday morning - fantastic! They opened on time and did the MOT. Very helpful and good service. Thank you:-) Happy customer.
by Hugo
This is in response to the four postings about the Mazda RX-8 with a starting problem. The true story is that the customer did buy the RX-8 and did complain about a starting problem. However it would not fail to start for our workshop staff. We asked the ownew to leave it with us for extended tests but he refused to do so. That in itself was strange as what use was the car to the customer if it did not start? We heard no more for several months and eventually the customer took us to the small claims court. In what turned out to be an incorrect and outrageous decision we were ordered to buy the car back which we did. Our customer had a poor credit rating and in order to obtain credit he had instructed a credit company to fit an immobiliser to the car. Once back in our possession we checked the car out and found that the immobiliser which he had fitted caused intermittent poor starting and was the sole cause of the problem. The car was sold on many months ago and has never failed to start for its new owner. Our customer was advised of our findings but never had the courtesy to withdraw his very wrongful reviews.
by John Letch
Excellent work in diagnosing a fault on my Mercedes Estate. Saved me having to buy a new car because they just managed to fit some new sensors. The best bit was that they managed to replicate my high speed driving fault by getting a mechanic to drive the car back to Maidenhead and back to Tilehurst. This was great service from friendly people.
by Ashley BUtler
Excellent customer service and very helpful right up to the point of purchase. If you have any problems after sale they don't want to know. From my personal experience of buying and servicing cars with these guys I know that some of these reviews are fake.
by James
Avoid this garage at all costs. Bought a car and have had to scrap it after 1 year - lost 2.8k.
by Jaap Stam
Great Garage, Great Staff. Been taking both of my cars here for over 5 years, MoT, service, breakdowns, never a problem. The staff are both helpful and friendly. Not only that but prices compared to main dealers and other garages are excellent, I have compared other garages and been quoted extortionate prices for the same work. You wont be disappointed and you wont be ripped off. Excellent garage.
by Alex
Booked my car in for an MOT at Car Contacts in Tilehurst, Reading and made a genuine mistake. Actual booking was for 10.45am - I had it in my mind that it was 11am (as I had previously pre-booked with another garage for 11am and got times mixed up). I thought I turned up early at 10.52am, but was in fact 7 minutes late! I pleasantly informed the man I was booked in for 11am and his very rude reply was "Nope!" I said again I had booked for 11am and he said "you're too late - I gave you 10 minutes (not true) now we're fully booked". I then left. I have telephoned this afternoon and explained the situation. I was hopeful they would be understanding and perhaps show good will to book me in for another day. Bascially was told, "sorry can't help you - you'll have to pay again". For someone on a single wage I can ill-afford this expense. If you want a recommendation - DON'T use Car Contacts. The mechanic is very rude and dismissive (told me to put a match to my car after it passed last time I took it there) and the customer service is non-existant. What a shame
by TD
Car Contacts recharged my air-con and didn't do the job properly so, after a couple of weeks, the cold air didn't last. They cut corners and charge full price; you can easily get better service elsewhere.
by Rik